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St. Valintine Day, a Story – When They Leave The Nest

Daughter (2)The house is suddenly silent, even a pin drop echoes. A parent sits alone for the first time in years. What can one do but absorb the change. The heart aches for a time until one adjusts to the sudden silence that once was filled with cries, chatter, and laughter. Those were the days, now a mother’s cry. She sits on the rocking chair she once rocked her little one to sleep. Some days, she sits by the phone waiting for the child to call.

The father sits with his paper in hand like nothing changed. What must he be thinking? The child, settling in the new dwelling – not doorsteps away, but miles – is excited to be on ones own.

Oh, where has time gone? The gift of having a family; the sharing and the love that also comes with many changes when they leave the nest. How precious it is to have the love of family, to watch your children grow, to see them excited with every step they take. It is that time when they leave the nest that one will reminisce.

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