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There are many kinds of critiques and some will be negative and some will be positive. We all have a tendency to critique others, not intending to hurt but to create awareness. Where did it come from? I guess we could look at our life. We grow up being critiqued at home and school by family, friends and even strangers. Then we critique ourselves and start critiquing others even though we can easily make the same mistakes. However, we need it to help us. For example, in the educational system, we learn to see our flaws so we can work on our weaknesses. We can develop skills and we can grow. For the purpose of growth, I want to try to be objective to the critic critiquing. However, can it hinder where it becomes a mark against a person?

First of all, To be objective, I have to learn to analyse what’s being critiqued. For example: My co-worker, “Oh, you spelled this backwards. Did you know?” handing me the report, I reply, “No. I’ll fix it. Thank you.” She is a registered nurse with etiquette. She smiles and walks away. I feel at ease and not judged. However, I’m still astonished as I pull up the transcribed report to revise it. I wonder why my spellchecker didn’t catch it but then again it was a name so I might have ignored it. When MS Word opens my report, I see a red, squiggly line under it. I’m so embarrassed. I fix it and the squiggly line goes away. I give the fixed version back so it can be signed off by the doctor. Yes, my experience in a well-established, well-reputable clinic of specialists in a hospital full of caring and devoted workers whom I learned something about me from. Therefore, has it created a positive? My answer is, yes because I keep growing, perfecting my flaws that still surface now and then. It makes me try harder. I become more and more aware. I become better at proofreading.

When I was young it was hard. It was overwhelming because it seemed I couldn’t do anything right. It created an ugly me. I couldn’t be objective and that would set me back. As I continued to mature I began listening and slowly stopped feeling picked on. Could that past carry? Could it be a negative mark? These are real concerns and create that worry of whether it can turn to a hindrance. To answer that I also have to study slander. I discover that it can be slander if it has hindered me and I am unemployable because I can still grow. There is no proof that I have stopped growing and progressing. That is a reassurance because these are real fears I have. That brings me back to the critic. I now hope that I have just as much an objective critic evaluating me as I have to be objective to what is being critiqued. Therefore, over time I have learned that there is one way to make sure that I’m on the right track. That is to request an evaluation. That can then reassure me that we are on the same path of positive growth and I am not left with a bad record.

My final analysis of critiquing is – we can always learn something from someone’s inspection. I learned that I can’t always tell if something is spelled backward because my brain corrects it, so no matter how hard I try, there is that possibility that there will be those days that I just don’t catch something. However, I am also more cautious. I catch more now than before. I listen carefully to how I’m being critiqued. As far as being negatively labeled. I guess it depends on who is assessing and what kind of perception they have. An evaluation would be a good thing to have. I would want to know how I’m being critiqued. Whether I’m being evaluated positively or negatively. I would want to know if my qualities and my growth are also observed.

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