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Getting Older in Body, Spry in Mind

I will soon be a first-time grandma and officially graduating to an old lady, the wise.

I make light of getting older because my mind feels just as spry as a spring chicken. It’s all on how we look at things I say. My body may age but mind will always be young. Although it may not be the case, I will always feel I can still climb trees, slide down a slide and outrun you. Keeping spirits up and age at bay. The wise, the aging and the mind.

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The point is I know my age is creeping up and I’m not as I use to be but I still feel like me even though my body is changing. Thank you Kathy for your message.


One thought on “Getting Older in Body, Spry in Mind

  1. You are so right. But you have no idea how wonderful your life is about to be.

    Again, (after having your first child, it’s no longer about You). Now, it’s going to be about your Grandchild! You can’t even imagine how incredible this experience is.

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