What decade are you?

I call myself a 60’s child because I was born in the 60s when clean-cut was in as you see in the link of the Beatles photo taken in 1964, http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:The_Beatles_in_America.JPG and it’s no wonder I’m drawn to human rights.

What are you? Are you a 70’s child when peace and love was at its peak? The 80’s when Hip Hop was in? Were you the 90’s child and the child of the final decade of the 20th century? The 90s were also considered a flourishing and peaceful time even though there were tough times.

Read more about the events of the year you were born into on these sites:

Decades of Change

History Timeline

21st Century Movement

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Hammer You Down

You ever distance yourself from people just to get a break from the hammer that brings you down? I grew up with so much negative that I learned a long time ago to distance myself if it became overwhelming.

What brought me to this discussion was reading a site I would like to share with you. http://bookmarketingbestsellers.com/surround-yourself-with-good-people/ I know it is for authors but it holds true to anyone. No one needs another’s put down so start finding people with positivity in their words. Make room for those who believe in you.

My heart to yours. Be strong.

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On a Cold, Lonely Highway


On a cold,  lonely highway on a winter day, the drive seems long and dreary. My eyes are peeled to the road and my hands tightly grip the wheel. The drive is long. I hate winter weather: the drop in temperature; the drifting snow on a highway and the unpredictable road conditions. The cloud-covered sky also makes it gloomy. I worry about being stranded on this highway. Not a vehicle has driven by me in a while. I look in my review mirror, there is also no one behind me.

Funny how I never use to worry so much when I was younger. Winter was a delight and welcomed. My skin was tough. I looked forward to travelling no matter what the roads were like. My how times change as I get older.

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Past vs Passed

I just had a discussion with other authors in LinkedIn and had to share the story with you readers. Passed vs past and the correct usage.

My memory failed me when trying to remember back in grade school on the usage and I couldn’t find more information on proper usage in my College reference books to continue the conversation. However, a LinkedIn member did share a site with me because I was using “passed” wrong. I thought I would share the site, posted at the end of my story. Here is an example in reference to the discussion: He passed by me. He walked past me. I wrote “he walked passed me”. That was what I remembered as the proper way to use pass and that Canadians only used past in reference to in the past time.

The joys of discussions. Learning and keeping an open mind. Anyone know another site that shares a different opinion please leave a comment.


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All About Spelling

English spelling depends on the country…


Centre British/Canada
Center US
Litre British/Canada
Realize US/Canada
Realise British
licence British/Canada
license US/Canada
Disc British/Canada
Disk US
Skilful British
Skillful US/Canada
Color US
Colour British/Canada

and the list goes on.


Canada usually takes the British spelling which is the longer spelling even in medical words such as anaesthesia rather than US spelling – anesthesia.

For more visit Spelling style variations

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