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Moving on

You see that photo of me, well if I can’t beat
them I’ll just go virtual. Read story to get the meaning of the photo.


When I was down and out, my sister gave me encouraging words for which I gave an acknowledgement in my second book to her for. She was trying to make me see that I was doing well. However, I was looking at things in a different perspective and, at the time, I was so tired of struggling for opportunity. It may sound ignorant the way I worded it in my book but before you assume, please try to understand how she was seeing me to understand the full meaning. When I say I was down, I mean really, really down. On the contrary, it really had nothing to do with her failing by all means because she was lucky. For that reason, at the time, I didn’t by her words of encouragement. She went for her chosen career and had landed successfully in a position related to her field. She now makes good money. It may not have happened right away for her but it happened.

Some of us don’t get that and I was still struggling with that. Yes, I persevered. Yes, I moved forward. Do I make money? No, I still don’t make money. Many people don’t understand that. No one wonders. They just talk even behind your back without even considering your feelings. They also have no problem asking, even though they know the answer, “Are you working yet?” They don’t care to know why you gave up. No one even wants to understand or just accept your choices.

People don’t help by asking. In fact, it puts a person in a state of depression because you feel bad that you couldn’t do better. This is even knowing you have no control over being hired. So you see, the words of encouragement were meant for me to see the good in what I was doing rather than base it on how much I was not making. I needed to get out of that rut of “Poor ME” or is it “POOR, POOR, Pitiful ME”. I have now accepted where I am in my life. I don’t want to be in that rollercoaster of ups and downs when I was seeking a place of opportunity. I do, however, want people to keep moving forward and have better neighbouring relations.

So my story is a reminder to the new generation to keep moving forward and accept people of all walks so the next person may have an opportunity.

We may have come a long way but we still have work to do. Most people have potential but without the opportunity to grow and learn, it is not possible. If you hire someone give them room to grow in that position. No one is born knowing it is learned. Put a leader who can train your new worker not hinder them. Know your employees. Don’t run your workers down. That’s my advice, take it or leave it. One more thing, just because they start in the mailroom doesn’t mean they have to stay there.


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