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Quick post form?

flyingThis is my first time trying this “quick post form” from the dashboard called “QuickPress”. Not sure if it will be any different or whether I will like it. I will have to add to this post after I save it to fill you in. Oh, dear. I just noticed I cannot choose where I would like to post my quick post. I have categories and pages, so I will have to save it as a draft. This is not going to be so quick after all. Well, here it goes.

Well, after I clicked “save draft” I got a choice to choose to edit it so I chose that. Is this quicker? My answer is “no” because I didn’t publish this faster. The quick post area is also too limited. Thank goodness that when I went back to edit it went to the regular area where I could properly edit it.

My final analysis, I will stick to “Add New” under the post option of the dashboard menu. The options and choices are much better because of my website layout. I have gotten pretty good at posting from this area and I like the advanced options in the format layout of the “Add New” form writer.

S.L.S Oborowsky

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