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My True Story

foto for wpI walked a rocky road most of my life. But, I also had two big changes that blessed my walk other than my lovely children. Let me start by telling you how this all took place.

February of 1986, my husband and I were on a new venture – an 8-hour drive away. It was a normal winter day when we packed up our belongings. The cold, frosted windows blinded my side view. The old station wagon was crammed with as much as we could fit. My husband, driving the old truck, had made a wooded frame on the sides to hold the rest of everything we owned. I followed close behind to a foreign place on the other side of the province.

The road was going to be long and rocky. The business we moved there for took a very slow start. We hardly had any money, had a new born before two more followed. I finally had to take low-paying jobs to help but none of the jobs lead to anything.  My husband then lost the business but we stuck around and started over. Through it all, I managed to return to school.

I received a Medical Transcription Certificate in 2001. I never in my life thought I would reach that point: not so much because of the fact that we really couldn’t afford it but because when I was young I was traumatized. A teacher told me I would never amount to anything and when you are poor and you don’t have a sense of belonging it is hard to see a light at the end of a tunnel. I didn’t tell my mother but I left that school and enrolled in the public school. I tried to go back to the other school the following year but it never felt the same. I finally went to an adult school to at least get to grade 9. It was there that helped me under a government program called “Life Skills” for which I received a certificate for. It was designed to help frame people like me: underprivileged. I was so damaged that I never built self-esteem but what I achieved was far greater. With a lot of counselling, I learned to keep moving forward and, therefore, every chance I got I went back to school. So, when I graduated from NAIT, I felt I had made my biggest life change. I was so happy.

I thought when I succeeded in a goal toward my education and graduated beyond grade 12, I had reached the stars but in 2011, I published a book at my expense with the help of my husband. Nothing could be more rewarding than that. There is no way in heaven’s hands that there could be anything bigger. I may have reached my climax. It is a great feeling.

These, dear readers, are the biggest changes in my life. This is my testimony and my road, as rocky as it has been, also had its ups.

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