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Las Vegas


I know to many the question remains why Vegas. Las Vegas is nice if you want to take a 4-day trip. You can accomplish a lot in a short visit. We were able to sightsee, take in a show, shop, view different hotel themes and my daughters even went to the Stratosphere to go on XScream

I did lag behind as you can see. I had no idea my pace had slowed and I was always trailing behind but it was still a blast. We didn’t do any casino events although it is known for that. Las Vegas is much more than that. There is a lot there to see and do. They have many shows, different kinds. Dinning out is fun.


We stayed at Caesar’s Palace. It is very beautiful. The hospitality is amazing. We were made to feel welcome.

We went when it was close to springtime and having a little summer weather was nice. When we got back the weather was beginning to warm so the rest of winter was easier to tolerate than usual. Mostly, I felt it was because we got a break from winter sooner. I would definitely go around the same time if I went again.


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