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Stripped naked,101_3211 the sides of a home await to be dressed in a pretty color of owner’s choice. The naked face a sight to be shamed in a winter’s chill. How mean! A small home that had to be stretched frontwards and sideways now has to wait: the warmth of a shielded covering that protects from the winter breeze and shades from the summer’s heat.

The inside awaits the finished work. The plywood painted a pretty grey until a floor can be laid. When the home101_3208 has been dressed in and out, what a pretty place it shall be. The long overdue of a finished project will surely be welcomed as the once cramped dwelling that was a dwelling for three, will now fit a growing family with comfort.

While the renovation is on its way, the pouting basement, feeling neglected, just had to flood for attention. Oh dear! What an owner must face at a time of remodeling. The aged home, fighting back, will face defeat as the owner continues with ever101_3203y determination to complete the project. No matter the end’s outcome – the journey an interesting one.

The basement will just have to wait as repair will come when the reno is done.

Due to the complexity of a facelift to a home, it shall be a reward to see it done. As the job nears completion, celebration will be the completion. Shall there be not another breakdown to be repaired.

It is the weary, the tired strained to accomplish without another mishap.

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