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Facebook, LinkedIn, GooglePlus to WordPress: What A Ride

I started using Facebook to connect with family and friends while I was searching for ways to start launching my venture: a website to showcase my novels. I set up Skype thinking that it was a place where I could create a site and personal domain. I had no idea what I was trying to do but it wasn’t meant for that. I then started a Google Plus profile but I didn’t know it any better than Skype. I did know, however, that it was different. I started getting “connect” messages with this person and that person. I clicked connect. I still had no idea what Google Plus was. I connected with someone from Huffington Post. I thought I’d introduce myself and I added my link to my book from Amazon. I got a nasty comment. It said something like this, “I can’t believe you’re trying to plug.” After some nasty exchanges, I asked, “What’s plugging?” I didn’t get an answer. Finally I said, “I’m new. I cannot believe I’m being put in my place already. At least give me a chance to understand what I got myself into.” I removed my comments after that long exchange of comments.

I did my research and got this definition, Plugging:  To block or fill in a hole or cavity.hole

I was baffled.  It made no sense. I kept typing plugging in different areas and finally searched plugging in slang and there it was.

Definition of Plugging under slang: To publicize instantly.

Than I looked up the person I plugged and discovered she was high in the Huffington Post. My heart pounded. I had no idea and I had to hit her, on my first communication. Oh my god, I thought, boy am I looking in the wrong places. I continued to learn Google Plus. I told my daughter about what had happened and she knew the minute I said the word plugging what I had done. I was so out of touch with the internet even though I had extensive experience.

LinkedIn was then recommended to me. I was leery about starting another Facebook of sorts. Get into trouble because I do something wrong. I finally thought, Oh, maybe I’ll see what it is about. I opened an account. This definitely looked different, but it looked a lot like I was looking for a job, which I wasn’t. I stuck around and started to see group connections so I joined a group I was interested in. I was enjoying the connections there. That’s where I learnt about creating a page. I tried it out on Facebook. I wanted more followers on the page so I started an ad campaign. I didn’t see any harm in that but it nerved a Facebook user and I got a nasty message. I thought, here I go again. That wasn’t the end of it. I also got kicked out of the group in LinkedIn. I was so lost. It was a while before I figured out why. It was because we were exchanging our Facebook pages and the group rule considered that plugging. Of course that’s not the term they used. There are some pretty professional people there I was linked to.

It was fun while it lasted. I was linking with other authors and I was so excited. I’ll have you know I’m still a LinkedIn member but I try not to advertise myself like a lightening bolt by plugging. I moved on and joined other groups. I was getting some good advice after all! I couldn’t leave yet. I’ll take it anyway I can. That’s where I got a wind of WordPress.com.

I thought, finally a real website. I can properly share me, my work, my writing I hope. Oh god please be what I’m looking for.

I did the Google search for WordPress. I got a log-in area. So far so good, I thought filled in all the areas it wanted me to, chose what type; I felt blogger meant sharing my work so it sounded good and picked it.

Everything was going smoothly but I wanted to change my blog name but ended up with two names. I seen transfer. I thought may be that would combine them. All of the sudden I couldn’t go to my blog. I was not a manager of it. I started asking for help. Meanwhile I created another blog, exactly the same. I started to copy everything from the other blog. I let all my followers know what happened. I didn’t know if any of them would get my message because I was blogging from my new site. I finally got a response from a web engineer who helped get it back under my name. Now, I have two blogs to maintain so I turned my old blog into a book blog.

Some of you are probably thinking, serves you right for not keeping up with the times, and others likely thinking, been there, done that, and some thinking, how awful. But, let me tell you it has been a painful journey but I’m glad I found WordPress in the end. I also went back to Google Plus with a new perspective and mission. I have to say after my first bad experience, I have met some really down to earth people there.

I hope you read this before going down that awkward path because it could get nasty if you don’t know what you’re doing.

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