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Book Signing

101_3409I had some questions regarding book signing that needed to be answered so, being a member of a few author groups on LinkedIn, I thought I’d put the question on them.

The first question was whether there was a rule to signing books. This is what I learned. If there is a long line waiting, then it is hard to get personal so sign your name with a personal, short note. But as a new author who will likely not have this issue, it is suggested to get their name before writing a personal note to them thanking them for their support.

The other question was whether you present yourself as your author name on your novel in the public eye. The answer is yes. It is suggested that, for example me, that I should use my initials with my last name as on my novels when representing myself as an author and also when I sign a book. I thought that was interesting. I then got asked why my LinkedIn profile S. Oborowsky and not SLS Oborowsky. Since he had a valid point I corrected my profile name.

These are small but important points.

I have gotten some great advice: reading other authors input, their experiences and their knowledge.

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