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Setting the Mood

#FWF stands for Free Writing Friday by Kellie Elmore Prompts

Words to be used to create a poem or story is – Blanket, falsetto, cumbersome, cinema, coin

Setting the Mood


Granted it’ll be a cold night.

The comfy sofa and warm blanket await me as I put a CD on.

Tea sitting on the end stand will soon relax me. It’s been a long day.

I cover myself with the cumbersome blanket, warming me nevertheless. I begin sipping my tea, feet up on the ottoman. I have a book in my hand but I stare blankly as the song comes on. His voice radiates through me. The falsetto of his vocals is soothing.

What’s the odds of meeting him, I think. It’d be a double sided coin or as likely as becoming an actor starring me in cinema.

I gaze into the dim of my room and vegetate. It resonates feelings like never before. I put the book down and take it all in.

SLS Oborowsky


8 thoughts on “Setting the Mood

  1. First of all, welcome to FWF! So happy to have you join us!

    This is a beautiful piece. So lulling and intoxicating as you have set the mood quite nicely with your prose. I felt as though I was in the room, listening as the music begins in crescendo and wrapped in that warm blankey. I’m listening to John Mayer…how bout you?

    Nice work. I hope you will join us again.


  2. Welcome to free write friday! I think you did an awesome job with the prompt that Kellie gave us. I like how very easy it was for me to see myself in this. I hope that we see you back next friday! 🙂

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