Famous Last Words for FWF by Kellie Elmore at
I’m late because I had to read a book but it was worth it as I hadn’t been reading more than blogs lately.




The road winds it’s sometimes soft curve to a sharp winding bend

throwing life into a tailspin

Ripples of bubbling tar in the heat of the day burn like a scarred soul

The cracks are signs of wear and tear but life’s little pleasures and blessing seem worth the time we had spent for even as short a time as we have had

Inspired by the book Before I Wake by Robert J Wiersema

“There were three stones I gave to Mommy before the accident…three stones in Mommy’s pocket…three stones on the windowsill…where the people came to see me.


6 thoughts on “Life

    • Thank you Kellie. On Friday I was on my way home from my one daughters so by the time I realized it was late. I checked to see what your challenge was and grabbed a book and started reading, probably faster than I had before. By Sunday night, I whipped up the short poem and hoped for the best. I wasn’t sure if I did what was expected. I will take some time to go visit as many blogs when I have time. I have to help my other daughter move back to the dorm today for fall studies and winter studies.

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