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My Name is John

It’s FWF and today’s prompt is an image prompt.

Photo by Kellie Elmore for this Friday’s prompt for which the story will be about. His name is John so I’m going to title it as that. http://kellieelmore.com/2013/08/16/fwf-free-write-friday-image-prompt-10/

walmart man

My Name is John

I grew up a broken man and when my wife left and my children wished nothing of me, I became a bitter man.

I could blame it on my father, that drunken son of a bitch but I was an adult who made the same mistakes.

Let me go to where it all began. I took to the bottle when I was 16, stole it from my passed-out father who drowned his sorry ass in a bottle of rum. It wasn’t always like that. It wasn’t until after my mother died of leukemia, a poor excuse for a man. But, it was what it was. I learned from him. Use the bottle to get you through to tomorrow.

When I met my wife, she had no idea how bad it was. It wasn’t what I had planned. I thought, if I had a wife, it would all come together. Before long, I was drinking in front of my family. She left me three years later of threats. I was angry. Quit my job. Cursed every woman I saw. It wasn’t until I was broke and desperate before I sobered. A hard hit of reality.

I don’t have my family anymore but that bitter man left with the bottle. I sit alone and take in the world in a different perspective. I wish it had been there when I had a chance to give my family a father they deserved.


18 thoughts on “My Name is John

  1. very interesting addition to the prompt. I think you did a nice job with the prompt. I like the way John was able to overcome his problem, it may be too late right all of the wrongs but just being able to pull yourself out of the darkest places is right enough in my book. Way to give us a character with hope even though the life he leads is not what he’d wished for.

  2. Charles, I once knew of a man who wound up homeless and the story was he was rich and supposedly what broke him was his wife’s passing. I only saw him once or twice on the street and found it hard to believe he was a wealthy man. They say there is a book out about his story. He has likely passed away too now.

  3. John’s redemption is powerful; I hope that he can now allow people into his life without the bottle as the common denominator. Great take!

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