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Breaking Chains

Some don’t know how to show love because they were taught to feel shame. Some don’t know how to be kind because all they ever saw was aggression. Change is hard when a home is broken but it has to start with you and me to break the chain that has ruined our spirit.chains

I had a kind mother but I never learned to hug when I was young. My children are huggers though. They always have to initiate it and so do those who meet me. I find it awkward but I’m getting use to it. Change does happen slowly if we let it.

embraceMy daughters ask, “why don’t you ever say I love you.” You know how I responded, “you know I love you”, but that wasn`t enough. They wanted to hear it. Sometimes we need our children to help us see what we were missing. Showing love and affection was probably the biggest thing missing when I was growing up. I think, maybe, like me, my mother thought we should just know she loved us.

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