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Headboard re-covering

DSCN0128Before      DSCN0140After

A neighbour of my daughter’s asked if she would get rid of a few items of his at her garage sale. A DSCN0127headboard was an item that didn’t sell. Since he didn’t want anything back, I decided to redo the headboard. First, things I needed to get started. 1. Headboard, spared from the dump 2. Flat screwdriver 3. Stapler 4. 2 1/2 meters of material, vinyl or fabric, for outdoors, which I got on sale for seven dollars a meter 5. Batting, if needed DSCN0132 The process… Using a flat screwdriver, remove the staples holding the material. Once that is done, move to next step. Add or use batting on headboard if in good shape. Staple one side of the DSCN0134material, starting with the straight end and staple. Start working your way around, pulling tightly as you staple. Cut to shape where needed so that it shapes nicely and slit where it curves in if working with a curvy shape. DSCN0137 DSCN0136


DSCN0141 Step 3. If there is any material left over, make a pillow.