Writing prompts created by Kellie Elmore at http://kellieelmore.com/category/free-write-friday/ for Free Writing Friday (FWF)

This weeks prompt is a fall word bank using the words – foliage, amber, wicker, aroma, sweater, cocoa

I’m excited for this one because I love Kellie’s choice of words.  I am titling it Fall


It’s beautiful out. The sunflower cheers up the garden and the amber, red, orange colors of fall are everywhere. Fall foliage – spread thickly – covers the grass. The air is nippy. A warm cup of cocoa and a sweater have one thing in common, warm my chilled body as I prepare to rake. I make my way to the apple tree. It is full of decaying apples. As I begin raking, the aroma carries with the breeze. It smells like the applesauce I just finished canning.

This whole month had been busy with fall chores. The last of the apples turned into applesauce were in a large wicker basket on my counter top until yesterday. I had started with the canning and freezing early September. I’m relieved that I’m at the final stage of fall chores. I get to enjoy this time before snow falls and hibernating through winter. Although I enjoy the fall with the beautiful colors, the crushing sound of the leaves when I walk and the cocoa, I still enjoy spring when it comes. I think they are my two favorite seasons but if I had to pick one, it’d be spring when the warm weather begins to return and new life sprouts.