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Life – rewrite

An edited version from Free Writing Friday prompt by Kellie Elmore – Life.


The road travelled has its stories. It can be long and hard that winds it’s sometimes soft curve to a sharp bend throwing life into a tailspin.

Ripples of bubbling tar in the heat of the day burn like a scarred soul. The solid foundation of asphalt shows how strong we can be even through the toils and turmoil.

The cracks are signs of wear and tear. Potholes are our most tested time in life. This leaves us with deeper scars of what we’ve been trough.

The road continues as we travel through life with every experience. May we see the blessings through our trials.

Inspired by the book Before I Wake by Robert J Wiersema

“There were three stones I gave to Mommy before the accident…three stones in Mommy’s pocket…three stones on the windowsill…where the people came to see me.