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Setting The Mood – Rewrite

Revised Version of the free writing Friday prompt by Kellie Elmore – Setting the Mood.


Granted it’ll be a cold night.

The comfy sofa and warm blanket await me as I put a CD on. Tea sitting on the end stand will soon relax me. It’s been a long day.

I cover myself with the cumbersome blanket, warming me nevertheless. I begin sipping my tea, feet up on the ottoman. I have a book in my hand but I stare blankly as Justin Timberlake comes on. It is soothing.

What’s the odds of meeting him, I think. It’d be a double-sided coin or as likely as becoming an actor starring me in cinema with Justin Timberlake, key actor.

I try to zone the song out but at falsetto it radiates through me. Now gazing into the dim of my room, I vegetate. It resonates feelings like never before. I put the book down, close my eyes and take it all in.

SLS Oborowsky