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Homemade Juice Syrup


The cherries on our cherry tree aren’t like the fruit you buy at a supermarket. They don’t hold well in a fridge and the fruit are more juicy so pitting them is a disaster. I won’t even bother to try and use them for pie. They are also a sour/sweet combination that reminds me of cranberries so I decided to make homemade juice.

I start by filling a large pot with the berries.DSCN0158 On medium heat, I heat the fruit. As it is warming the juice begins to extract. I mash them with a potato masher to speed the process.DSCN0160 As soon as I am satisfied with the amount of fluid in the pot, I remove from heat and scoop with a fine strainer, squeezing any juice back into the potDSCN0165. I run the juice through the strainer to get any large cherry chunks that might have fallen back into the pot.  I rinse the other pot and the strainer. I get a cheese cloth ready and put it over the strainer.


I run the juice through again to get any fine particles of fruit out.



  I rinse the pot I just emptied and use the fine strainer again. DSCN0186 I add 3 cups of sugar to the juice and reheat, stirring constantly until the sugar is dissolved, I remove from heat and begin removing the foam floating on the syrup, leaving it clear.


 DSCN0196 DSCN0197

 I then pour it in a pitcher and refrigerate until I serve it.

To serve pour an eighth of a glass of syrup to water or soda water. Add ice, adjust if too sweet.


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