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The Ivy Covered Gate – Rewrite


When darkness fell, bats swarmed around the gate. They protected the death that lied beyond. A well-worn path led to the depleted dwelling. Rumor had it a wizened women roamed it now and then. “No trespassing” sign allured the children to the path but no one dared to enter through the ivy covered gate. The branches undressed and bare of leaves had been cast into darkness.

Shadows of mysterious shapes loomed at dawn and when night fell and the bats came out, the children were nowhere to be found lingering around the gate.

The only child who had ever entered was said to have never been seen from again.

Did it really have a fatal consequence if entered? No one really knew. It was all based on speculation so Trezar dared Alfred…

S.L.S Oborowsky

Prompt by Kellie Elmore for Free Writing Friday, revised. Original post – The Ivy Covered Gate