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Five Things Authors Shouldn’t do…

Let’s get serious for a sec. This is important because it not only speaks to us but our children. We are killing the publishing industry by negative. I have listed five things I feel are important. Coming together in one place with one frame of mind, good karma.
working together
  1. Shouldn’t tell a fellow author, don’t quite your day job. Why? It’s an insult. It’s their decision and the person knows what they are doing.
  2. Shouldn’t tell a fellow author that there are many bad books out there. Why? That is up to readers to  determine and leave a review if they wish. These are also areas that can be improved. There are editors who work with authors. Throughout history, there have been many bad works that schools accepted as good writing. We grew up accepting that. Who influences whom is the big question.
  3. Shouldn’t suggest that there are too many people publishing. There are jobs that have limited openings and many working in jobs that are not their field of expertise because of shortages. It is also a dream killer. We have real feeling.
  4. Shouldn’t speak about another author in a way that demeans. It is different if you are reading a book that is not your usual read and can’t get into it. Many of us have our own taste. I am strictly speaking of bashing another story. It sets a very bad tone right off the bat; not for the author getting the put down but the one criticizing. There is constructive criticism and this should be done in a way that helps the author.
  5. Shouldn’t tell an author they have to be marketers. We talk about taking jobs away from each other. What’s the difference here? Understanding it and becoming one are two different things.
We talk about karma, well these are setting a negative one that is affecting both traditional and self-published authors. We talk about pursuing dreams then we bash one for following through. Where do we draw the line?