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Colour in the Snow

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CompassThe sun sets southwest in winter but earth slowly rotates a degree or two after winter solstice. With what little time we may have spent with sunshine can be a drag. Snow added to the equation has made everything look dull and dirty but look passed the black and white of winter there is the blue sky. It bringsboosted 6 (2) a ting of colour and the evergreen trees still vibrant with its coat of needles. The odd tree has its berries just as lovely as it was when the leaves changed to a golden-yellow and when the frost coats the tree, it brings what little colour that could be seen out. So while we wait for the spring bloom, find that colour in the snow. It may surprise you just how lovely winter can be and when winter solstice occurs, rest assured daylight time is sure to increase.

S.L.S Oborowsky


2 thoughts on “Colour in the Snow

    • Yes, there definitely is a scale of grey to winter. I almost wanted to change my black and white to that. Thank you. You read into my point well. It is definitely that ugly of winter that makes it hard to enjoy or even like winter so I took snapshots of areas that were pleasant to look at. After all, I don’t skate or ski or do any winter sport to look forward to in the winter so scenery was another alternative.

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