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Train Ride

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This Friday, January 31, 2014, is a word prompt for inspiration: Train – Burlap – Fiction – Pearls – Vertigo

Any or all of the words may be used.


A cool, fall breeze blew. It was Friday and every Friday I took the train home for the weekend. It was my break away from college life. I’d feel vertigo by the week’s end from overload and stress from late night studying would give me major home sick blues.

I paced to keep warm. The train was always on time and as usual, I was 15 minutes early. By this time I would usually be ready to get on board and warm up but it was five minutes after 7 when I finally heard the whistle blow.

“Finally,” I remember whispering under my breath. My arms were crossed and I was rubbing them to keep the circulation flowing. As soon as the train stopped and the doors opened, I scurried in. Pulling out my ticket from my pocket, handing it, I walked on and took a seat. I had a small overnight bag with me. I pulled out my pocketbook, the pearl of life that released the overloaded brain. A train pulling boxcars was already coming in as we headed out. We were usually long gone by the time the other train came in. After staring out the window for a minute or two, I managed to put my head down and start reading. It took me some time to get into the fictional characters again.

He lain on the burlap rug with Maggie. The lights dim…”Why do you have to go?”

“Get your ass over?” a voice sounded from behind.

I tried to zone it out. Then a baby started to cry.

“shut that baby up.” I then heard. “hon’ relax.” a woman’s voice said softly.

I heard a loud rumble. I thought, “What an ass.” I rolled my eyes, shook my head, my mouth tense, before putting my head back down to read again. A woman walked by with her infant as she made her way to the restroom. The baby still crying. I glanced up at here and gave her a sympathetic smile and put my head back down. I tried desperately to get back into the book.

The baby’s radiating squeal flowed through the paper-thin walls.

“Someone shut that baby up.” I heard that man yell again.

I couldn’t believe it: the late train, the loud mouth, the baby, ugh.

I was still trying to get back into my book when the whistle bellowed. I looked and we were there. I was so happy. I slammed the book down on my lap and bent over to grab my bag. I angrily got off the train.

There stood my father waiting. He had a big smile. I could feel my shoulders slowly relax as the tension faded by the smile. I smiled back as I walked up to him and gave him a big hug. He appeared to be taken aback.


3 thoughts on “Train Ride

  1. Wonderful story here. The descriptive setting drew me into the story-such a cold and dark night that seemed to match not only the main character’s feelings but more so that poor woman with that putz of a husband. Great ending as well. You could definitely sense her relief.

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