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Understanding Spirit and Soul

walk is over

The confusion between spirit and soul, for which I struggled to understand, took careful research. With all my soul, I will share my understanding.

I am the spirit in the vessel that carries me. When my body is worn, feeble and deteriorated due to its temporary state, I will leave. The soul that makes up my feelings, reason and understanding (will), along with thought, I have to fight to keep clean. I know with my soul I can be good and bad because of the decisions I make and the feeling that surface. It is my will to choose wisely, my emotions to give me compassion and the music of soul to give me awareness.

The spirit, my divine, separates me because my soul carries both the good and bad that I have come to experience in this walk of mine. As in the feeling of envy, anger or hate, even in a fleeting moment, is negative emotion but a part of the emotion that exists. So, even if I fight everyday to make better choices and decisions, I fail to be completely divine. I know we share this quality in the physical, each and every one of us, because that is a part of experience just as love, acceptance and happiness is.

What I once thought were two of the same, I have come to terms with. My soul to the spirit could take me one step closer to divinity but in the physical I am tainted due to experience. It is virtually impossible because I was exposed the minute I become existent to life in the physical but in death, I may be relieved of this and truly cleansed for I will no longer carry the burden that  life comes with. And, when I say burden, it is knowing that the world comes with many struggles and with compassion it’s heartbreaking.