Scrapbook Page in Steps


1 leaf punch

1 of each yellow, green, brown, and orange

2 patterned sheets with at least some matching colours similar to the solid colours and 1 stripe pattern with same colours as your pattern

1 ribbon and a design punch (I’m using a leaf because it is a fall photo)

1 -12″x 12″ paper-cutter with different or changeable cutting blades. (for this you will need the straight and zigzag)

Pre-cut letters or cut-out using a Cricut to explain your photo (I will be using the word FALL as my main title)

Scrapbook glue or double-sided tape.

This scrapbook page is very simple because it’s all about the layout. Read the full process before starting to get a clear picture.

3Photo mat cutout

First, cut out mat sizes with the 12×12 sheet cutter. Start with the 5×6 photo using the green sheet and the zigzag blade. Cut a mat to fit slightly bigger than the photo. Cut out another mat for the 4×6 and the resized 2×3 or so photo with the straight blade. If you want all the green mats to look the same then leave the zigzag on for the green sheet. Using the straight blade, cut a second mat with the sheet cutter to go under the green mat using the yellow sheet for the resized small photo and cut another mat with the brown sheet, slightly bigger than the green mat to go with the 5×6 photo.

1Rectangle pieces

Cut a rectangle piece and a 12×12-length narrow piece off the stripe sheet.

2Cutouts 1designcutter

Cut two pieces of the brown, also two different rectangle sizes. Punch out two different coloured leaves and cut out your words, I used a 2″ letter size and the yellow sheet for “Fall”. If you are using sticker letters then wait until layout is ready before placing your word on the page.


The two matching patterns will be your main sheet for your rectangle pieces. Downsize the orange but use the full 12″ length to overlap onto the other main layout sheet so that they look like they are joined.

4Setting layout

Cut ribbon to length of a full sheet to run along side the 12×12 length of the narrow stripe pattern. With the zigzag cutter, cut 2 narrow pieces of the green from the left over just to add to the design.

5Layout setting6Layout

Start laying out your page. Don’t glue anything down until you are satisfied with the layout. Remember to use photo friendly glue that will not damage photos (acid free).

8Playing with layout5Layout setting 10Setting photos11Setting picture

Set a photo and see what it looks like. I added the word “Pretty” with the left over yellow when I was done gluing everything down. The page really doesn’t need it but I wanted to compliment my grandbaby.

Other completed pages

This is another simple layout with rectangle cut-outs and words. The photos were printed with a border so that I didn’t need to make a back mat for the 4×6 photos.




I spread thy wings

early morning arising

to fulfill a longing

desireth for growing

for I was born to live

life to its fullest

in pursuit

for which the heart cravith


It is in the air that flows

a breath that cannot be seen

a flitter of hope

that faith holds

where fate lies

for which the heart cravith

S.L.S Oborowsky

Rewrite from writing prompt created by Kellie Elmore. Original post, titled My Contribution retitled Destiny

Stories in the Wall

Writing prompts created by Kellie Elmore at . Prompt is an image prompt from Kellie.

Image Credit: We Heart It

Image credit: We heart it.

Depleted is the old, abandoned home. If walls could talk, the stories it would tell. Although it is hard to extrapolate what tales are hidden in the walls, there is that sense that it has many. A long-lived home that has taken its toll. Foot steps tread lightly of a spirit left behind. Just to stroll near it sends goose bumps, a chilling to the spine. It’s neglected, aged and deteriorated, withered by weather. The old, abandoned home with many stories.



Heart to heart like the bridge that connects embraces the soul

Moving forward like the river that flows embraces free spirit

A loving touch like the beauty of frost-coated branches embraces love

A coat of white like an angels wings embraces purity

SLS Oborowsky, 2014

Deep With In


When the mind draws a blank, I close my eyes.

I drift into a dream that takes me to an open field where I lay looking up. I see the soft blue sky holding the sun that beams down on me.

My deepest dreams then begin to flow. When I open my eyes I begin to write.

When the mind draws a blank. I close my eyes.

In a meditative state are the hidden stories I seek to find. When I open my eyes I begin to write.

When the mind draws a blank. I close my eyes.

SLS Oborowsky