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Stories in the Wall

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Image Credit: We Heart It

Image credit: We heart it.

Depleted is the old, abandoned home. If walls could talk, the stories it would tell. Although it is hard to extrapolate what tales are hidden in the walls, there is that sense that it has many. A long-lived home that has taken its toll. Foot steps tread lightly of a spirit left behind. Just to stroll near it sends goose bumps, a chilling to the spine. It’s neglected, aged and deteriorated, withered by weather. The old, abandoned home with many stories.


10 thoughts on “Stories in the Wall

  1. I like the mystery you evoke, had me thinking about the stories of family, the tales of children, the yarns of isolation when travellers pass by the home. The moment in loss and joy, the rains in Summer, the snow in Winter, the struggles, the triumphs, moments to everyday living. I’d like to hear a tale you might recollect for such a home as it was once, now seeming deserted.

    • That is exactly it but we tend to read into things, which can give us these crazy stories and if we have tried and tested past, we would likely even have bigger ideas to write about I think.

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