Anally Retentive

My mind

I heard there was a diagnosis call anally retentive. I don’t know if that is my illness but there are some very serious issues that have been troublesome to say the least. As you know, if you have followed me from the beginning of my WordPress blog, you are fully aware of my continuous need to redo, remove, repost. The problem is I like to put down my thoughts and am likely not to see my errors right away. Sometimes it may take me days before I realize that I have used an incorrect word or incorrect wording. I don’t think it’s idiotitis but the list does go on. It is something that I find quite tiresome. Although I’m use to revising over and over again, sometimes I just have to walk away from it. I may even not bother going back to it because I do it so often. It has plagued me. I hope it is not contagious. It has not affected my sense of humor but there are days I get flustered. I’m quite aware that it’s who I am and accept myself. I do, however, hope I don’t annoy you because I delete, redo, and revise so often. I do ask of you one thing: If you hear of a cure would you be so kind to forward it to me. Otherwise, I shall forever live with this terrible disease. :{)