Heart to Heart About Change


Let’s have a heart-to-heart about change from the perspective of a person who knows what poor really means. My opinion about changing the world is that it is impossible but to change ones fate is possible. Change starts with one’s self when we begin to change our own fate, whether it’s kindness, employment, taking a chance, opening a business, or whatever that brings you to a better place in your spirit. From there it brings a better chance to your immediate family – those we bring into the world.

                       Therefore, it has been my belief that change starts with self before it can pass to another. For instance, with me it has been by being there and encouraging, talking heart-to-heart, standing behind family, keeping the door open that I have been able to bring change. I could bear the burden and sacrifice if it saves my own member from failure. That is what I believe is making a difference to another means. Because life has thrown me many challenges, that is the extent I’ve been able to accomplish. I could say with confidence that my life has already been better than what my grandparents and my mother’s life was. That is change.

                      To sum it up – that is change – my change when my life improved. Then, I brought change to my family when I made sure they didn’t make the same mistakes as I did and when I stood by them every step they took. That is change to another.