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The Power of Writing

The power of writing! From the news papers to magazines then stories and poetry are forms of writing that not only arouse the curiosity of the mind but stimulate thought. We read these because we want to know a story or feel the poetry that sings.

As one who likes to write, I say to you, you also have a story that is worthy and interesting to tell so share it. Share it everywhere you can and don’t be afraid to write because if you read it then you know that someone will also be reading yours. Nor should you let criticism interfere with your dream. I grew up with a lot of it, which amazes me that I have continued to progress and still try new things. I had mentioned in another one of my posts about a teacher who put me down when I was young. I could have given up then and never tried again. Just to mention another incident that is of a more recent was with my husband. He criticized me for returning to school. He said I’d just quit anyway. He was wrong to say that because I never did quit. It created a heated argument for which I have on occasion reminded him so remember that husbands if you want to save face with the one you love. Anyway, I think he associated it with me stopping after the year ended and not going back to finish right away with quitting. I was deeply hurt nevertheless. I have succeeded in the end because I didn’t give up. Through many of these types of unnecessary comments, I managed to continue in my journey. I hope you do the same.

Writing is a very powerful tool that speaks to readers like nothing else can. When you write about your knowledge, feelings, experiences it touches someone who may have had the same or enlightens someone to a world they may not have known. Writing has a place and purpose. It educates, develops and stimulates the brain. It cause us to think. Don’t be afraid to use it. Shine in it.

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  1. Thanks for the encouraging words! This really helped me today. 🙂

    Sincerely, Crystal Ross fellow pinterest pinned 🙂

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