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Rescue Me



Rescue my heart from internal struggle

I cannot bear the agony that keeps me at bay

What must I do to fly away and rid the pain

Fleeting moments of serenity are few and far too little

The dreaded anxiety that has set inside has taken its toll

Set me free to fly with you so that all my weight be lifted

Come down and rescue me so that I can fly with you

For I’d only be a feathered weight in the big bird that propels in the sky

SLS Oborowsky

Personal note below. Click Continue to read Note

There was a time when I struggled with anxiety. It was in my late teens and early twenties. I often thought that it was the cause of over drinking when I would go out with friends. The more control I got and learned to drink socially was when I found it decreased and over time it was a seldom occurrence. I now rarely feel or have this problem. It seems now I only feel it when I’m near someone with it. It seems odd so if it is someone I feel close enough to as a friend, I will ask if they are having anxiety just to know if I’m feeling their anxiety. After all, being a Cancer sign, it is said we are a psychic sponge. I understand that now. It is very rare for me to have anxiety and most people I’m around are quite relaxed.

I think when we start to know ourselves and what triggers our own anxiety is when we can start to get control of negative feelings that weigh us down. I would like to dedicate this to those of you who have and know anxiety. I wish you come to the point I have because I know it can be alleviated once you figure out what is causing yours.

From my heart to yours

SLS Oborowsky