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Baby Cover for Newborn Car Seat

This is a step by step baby cover for a newborn car seat to protect the baby from the wind and/or cold. It attaches to the handle of the carrier.


40L x 28W canopy cover

Things you need to make a cover are as follows:

1) One meter of thick but light polyester fabric
2) Velcro
3) One or two buttons
4) Thread to match pattern


Lay out your fabric and cut a strip off. This you will use as a fastener on the car seat.


Fold inside out and stitch a straight seam all the way down. When you have finished sewing it turn it right side out.


Use a pipe feed that will pull the material through.


Fold wrong side facing then stitch the oblong meter of material all the way around, leaving a small opening to flip the material right side out when done.


Pull the material through the opening.


Stitch the opening shut.

Take the long narrow piece that was sewn together and cut in half so that you have two pieces. This is going to be your fasteners so be sure they are long enough to wrap around the handle of the infant car seat.


Pin where you want the handle attached and check with the seat to see that it covers properly. Stitch it on the fabric and add Velcro and the button for show. I make a two-handle attachment and I have done one before with a one handle attachment in the centre. Both work. It really depends on the handle.


Simple is better!