A Child’s Bedtime Prayer: Dear Lord


Dear Lord, for it is said that thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven so may we all be sheltered, cared for and fed. May we be forgiven as many times as we can forgive over and over again. Now I shall lay me down to sleep dear Lord. I pray my soul to keep another day. May the angels watch over me and keep me safe throughout the night that when I wake I may be in their blessed sight throughout the day.



A Sex Reveal Party


It’s a new thing! A sex reveal party where neither the mother or father know the sex of their baby. The hidden surprise is in the cake. What will the cake reveal? Only the decorator knows. What an exciting event. An only family get-together with may be a close friend or two.

What does one serve for the guests? Maybe snacks, drinks and appetizers will complete the party. What a rush it is to finish preparing: food and decorating, and that’s only half the fun. The closer the clock ticks to the guest arrival, the closer it becomes time to reveal so when the guests do arrive, have blue and pink necklaces, hung at the doorway, for the guests to pick from. The choice is theirs. What will they guess?

Baby Reveal P Baby Reveal P1

It may be only a family gathering but why not make it fun. This reveal party makes it exciting for the parents and their family members to share in this new unknown conception that not only links our past but is the bridge to the future.

Growth Chart

Why make it complicated when it can be simply made!


Here is an easy to make boy and girl growth chart. Things you need are as follows:

1. A growth chart pattern from a fabric store

2. Quilt batting (warm bond batting preferably but not necessary)

3. Broadcloth for the back

4. Wooden dowel rod cut to width of chart for top and bottom

5. Pins to hold the material in place before sewing

6. Ribbon or rope for ties.


First thing you need to do is lay out your chart and trim it. Leave 1/4 to 1/2″ stitching room for the border. Cut the batting to the size of the chart. Lay the batting and chart over the back material like a sandwich. Cut the broadcloth 3/4″ larger on the sides and 1″ larger at the top and bottom. The broadcloth will fold over to frame the chart.  Doing it this way rather than using bias tape for your border is also easier because the dowel needs room to fit into the seam therefore allowing you to cut extra room for that.

growthchart1 growthchart2

Lay out your material, centering the batting and chart on the broadcloth, and begin pinning.

growthchart3 growthchart4

Now fold the extended part over twice, pinning as you fold. The corners are a bit tricky but with a few attempts you can get a crisp corner.


I’m pinning both a boys and girls chart right away so that I have both ready to sew.

growthchart8 growthchart9

Before you begin sewing make sure you have a zipper foot so that you can get close to the dowel and sew the top and bottom first. You can then change the foot for the sides or use the same one if you find it not a problem to use right through otherwise you have to change it back when you sew the corner folds closed and attach the ties.

growthchart5  growthchart6

Pin the ties of your choice. For the girls, I used the same ribbon I normally use when I scrapbook because it is decorative. For the  boys, I used a thick, brown twine. The reason I chose to do ties is because I can use anything to hang it on. Some ideas are small deer racks or a thick, painted branch. I used hangers for these so that it can be stored in the closet and brought out when measuring a child. growthchart10 growthchart11

DIY Baby Onesies Makeovers

Here are some ideas and projects my daughter and I took on one day. Most of it she did.
Fun makeovers with baby onesies. Glue and Stitch.

IMG_2139 IMG_2141

Here is a suspender and tie idea.


One outfit was a cut out to make a V-neck then stitched stretch bias tape before adding buttons.

IMG_2143 IMG_2144

Another idea was adding a snap-on bow tie to a white onesie.

IMG_2146 IMG_2147

We put iron-on bond to the tie to stick to the onesie then stitched the tie.

IMG_2148 IMG_2149 IMG_2150 IMG_2151 IMG_2152  IMG_2153IMG_2154

Refurbishing an Outdoor Chair


Here is a step by step makeover of lawn chairs to transform and refurbish rather than discard.


Take the cushions off and repaint the chairs with spray paint.


Take the cushions in and remove the old fabric.


Use the old fabric as a pattern for the new cushions. Take the rope off to reuse for new piping.


Mark with chalk where the folds need to be to shape the fabric to the cushion foam shape as is on the old cushion fabric.

Patioseatcushion4 Patioseatcushion5

Make new ties and new piping with the new material.


Stitch the V-shaped chalk line together that was copied from the old cushion cover for the rounding part of the cushion.


Stitch the square cut-out area together. It is the front of the cushion. This shapes square in the front.


The shape is now formed.


Before attaching the front and back together, change the foot on the sewing machine. This foot, zipper foot, will allow you to get close to the piping and zipper area.


Attach the zipper and piping to one side of the material with pins then sew securing the piping and zipper in place so that it doesn’t move when you put the top and bottom sides together.


It is very tricky when you sew the top and bottom cushion but with slow and careful stitching it will come together nicely. Watch when you get to the zipper that it is open and attach the ties at this point.

The seat should look like this when it is done.


The cheapest I could find for a new chair was 89 dollars from Ikea so here’s a breakdown of the savings:

1) Cost for each chair (garage sale find) was $10.
2) Fabric cost me $10.90 after 70% discount on outdoor fabric from Fabricland.
3) Four cans of spray paint at $5.95 per can.
4) I reused the inner sponge (cushion filling), zipper and rope from the old cushions
5) Unstitched the cushions and used that as my pattern for the new cushions.

The total cost to refurbish the chairs was about $27.50 each chair. A savings of $61.50.