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Refurbishing an Outdoor Chair


Here is a step by step makeover of lawn chairs to transform and refurbish rather than discard.


Take the cushions off and repaint the chairs with spray paint.


Take the cushions in and remove the old fabric.


Use the old fabric as a pattern for the new cushions. Take the rope off to reuse for new piping.


Mark with chalk where the folds need to be to shape the fabric to the cushion foam shape as is on the old cushion fabric.

Patioseatcushion4 Patioseatcushion5

Make new ties and new piping with the new material.


Stitch the V-shaped chalk line together that was copied from the old cushion cover for the rounding part of the cushion.


Stitch the square cut-out area together. It is the front of the cushion. This shapes square in the front.


The shape is now formed.


Before attaching the front and back together, change the foot on the sewing machine. This foot, zipper foot, will allow you to get close to the piping and zipper area.


Attach the zipper and piping to one side of the material with pins then sew securing the piping and zipper in place so that it doesn’t move when you put the top and bottom sides together.


It is very tricky when you sew the top and bottom cushion but with slow and careful stitching it will come together nicely. Watch when you get to the zipper that it is open and attach the ties at this point.

The seat should look like this when it is done.


The cheapest I could find for a new chair was 89 dollars from Ikea so here’s a breakdown of the savings:

1) Cost for each chair (garage sale find) was $10.
2) Fabric cost me $10.90 after 70% discount on outdoor fabric from Fabricland.
3) Four cans of spray paint at $5.95 per can.
4) I reused the inner sponge (cushion filling), zipper and rope from the old cushions
5) Unstitched the cushions and used that as my pattern for the new cushions.

The total cost to refurbish the chairs was about $27.50 each chair. A savings of $61.50.


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