A Sex Reveal Party


It’s a new thing! A sex reveal party where neither the mother or father know the sex of their baby. The hidden surprise is in the cake. What will the cake reveal? Only the decorator knows. What an exciting event. An only family get-together with may be a close friend or two.

What does one serve for the guests? Maybe snacks, drinks and appetizers will complete the party. What a rush it is to finish preparing: food and decorating, and that’s only half the fun. The closer the clock ticks to the guest arrival, the closer it becomes time to reveal so when the guests do arrive, have blue and pink necklaces, hung at the doorway, for the guests to pick from. The choice is theirs. What will they guess?

Baby Reveal P Baby Reveal P1

It may be only a family gathering but why not make it fun. This reveal party makes it exciting for the parents and their family members to share in this new unknown conception that not only links our past but is the bridge to the future.