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DIY Idea for a Nursery


Designing a boys or girls nursery starts with figuring out what colours you’re going to work with. Once that is done then you can start putting your idea into action. Fabrics, patterns and paint that complement each other can then be chosen.


This stretch and non-stretch fabric was sewn together by me. Stretch on non-stretch has to be sewn with a walking foot that can guide the top material at the same time as the bottom. However, I didn’t have one so I free guided it and lucked out. I used no pins because of the stretch.

Framing a picture

Since this nursery is for a boy this picture, created with Photoshop, was designed using the pattern photographed from the lamp to create this picture. It is to tie in to the décor. It is an inexpensive idea. The trick to the poster is, when creating it, to make sure that the pixels are set high so that when you get it in a poster size it comes out clear. The other thing is to have the measurement set and you can find out by asking at a photo print shop the print sizes of your desired poster so that you get it right when working in Photoshop or any other print shop program. That will prevent you from ruining the poster you created. Pick up an inexpensive frame and you are set.

Nursery1 Nursery2

The lamp shade was ordered from Etsy along with the matching night-light, both handcrafted. The chair cushion and change pad cover were also made by someone from Etsy. The chair was purchased from a garage sale and repainted with chalk paint (a safer paint for a kids room).