The Discovery Zoo

I took my granddaughter to the zoo last year. On the way there I sang to her, “We’re going to the zoo, zoo, zoo, how about you, you, you”. Lois and Bram’s song always gets into my head when I think of the zoo.

It was quite a walk. However, I wished I was the one in a stroller. They did offer a tour guide but I thought we could tough it out since she had something to ride. Here are a few of the animals we saw.


Bear DSCN0368

Bear and crocodile.

Monkey Ostrich3

Monkey and ostrich

Racoon1 tiger1

Racoon and tiger.

After seeing everything we wanted to see, we headed out. It was a great day but I’m afraid I played out my granddaughter. She headed back to the vehicle without waiting for me or her stroller.