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Spelling and Pronunciation

As I think of this and spell out pronounciation I get a little red squiggly line and think. How is it pronounced then. Should it not be spelled like pronounce? Doesn’t it come from pronounce? Well, to my dismay it isn’t. It’s pronunciation. I feel tongue-tied just saying it. Why didn’t they leave the “o” in? It got me thinking of pronunciation of other words.

When I was in the Medical Transcription Program and we had weekly spelling quizzes for our medical transcription course, the teacher pronounced the word intervenous. It is spelled intravenous. If I had not been aware that I also had pronounced it that way, I would have been caught off guard and misspelled it. I had already been becoming aware of the way I pronounce and was watching myself when I studied spelling. Saved me because I did well.

Thinking more on this, what about our cities? I pronounce Niagra Falls instead of Niagara Falls which causes me to continuously spell it that way. I also do that with Calgry for Calgary as do many of us outsiders do who are not from there, ha ha. Spelling, argh. Makes me mad! The more I think about these the more I appreciate the computer for these exact reasons.

Unfortunately, I didn’t receive speech therapy but I see I needed it. Although they couldn’t help me with the word goverment (government), ha ha, as it is pronounced that way, the “n” silent. So here I go again. Back to the drawing board.

2 thoughts on “Spelling and Pronunciation

  1. Hehe, I understand what you are saying! I don’t get why that “o” gets dropped in the word either. It’s no wonder English is one of the hardest languages to master – even though it is my first language 🙂

  2. I learned most of my vocabulary from reading it and so am often corrected on how I pronounce things. It doesn’t bother me too much, but I was a brat as a kid and continued to mispronounce some words around certain friends because it drove them nuts.

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