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What “g”


My thought running rampant as I remember when double negatives were a common part of a conversation.

There ain’t nothin’ wrong with this sentence so quit correctin’ me and so what if ain’t, ain’t in the dictionary.

Of course, the “g” didn’t exist in “ing” words, still doesn’t in songs. Then I got thinking about the double negatives and math.

Ain’t + Nothin’ wrong with this sentence = somethin’. The scenario no longer looks that great because double negatives didn’t make a positive here.

There’s somethin’ wrong with this sentence. Grrr!

The only ones who spoke correctly were the teachers way back then. I’m sure kids drove them nuts and ain’t was used more because they would correct students every time they heard it. You know the saying, things you shouldn’t makes you want to more.

My thought! It’s sorting out this common language just as I release it to you. Titled What “G” is not about the G-string either. Get the mind out of the gutter man! Just wondering if you were somewhere else. Ah, thought.