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Fun in The Sun


It was a lovely day, sun shining. Braily’s mother decided to break up the monotony of home routine. She had heard of a new playground on a farm that also had a petting zoo. When arriving, she sat on a bench and let Braily explore. Straddling over the grass, Braily walked straight toward the playground, a fulfilling place for a curious child for which her mother felt would also develop interests.

As Braily played attentively near a train shaped tubular wooden sculpture, she spotted a unique object with three wheels. Wobbling toward it, her short legs clumsily lifted above the recently cut grass. Across the field where the three-wheeler stood was a small track. She finally reached the mysterious three-wheeler. Studying it carefully, her small hand cupped the handle bar. Funny that she didn’t try to get up on it. Makes one wonder what little minds think when they find something new where everything around them is a first. Slowly she studied it before getting bored and moving on to a slide that was attached to a shape of a ship back towards the playground area.

Braily didn’t say much yet. Her fair skin was lightly coated with sunscreen. She was dressed in her everyday wear and at an age where little minds were easy to please, there wasn’t much her mother needed but a snack to break up her play that also wound her down for the nap.

Being close to Braily’s nap time, her mother rose from the bench and followed Braily to the ship. There was a ramp rather than steps to board the ship so a little tyke such as Braily could manage the slide quite easily on their own. Her mother stood close regardless just in case. After a few times down the slide, her mother took Braily by the hand. “You want a snack?” she asked softly. It got Braily’s attention off the playground. “Let’s have something to eat.” Little two-year-old Braily contentedly followed as it ended playtime perfectly.