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Outside Table: Refurbishment

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Don’t want a glass top, then change it up. Here is a project for you. Take the glass off and get a 1/4″ plywood cut to the same size. Take the plywood with you when shopping for tile. It will help to get a layout idea.


Pick up metal spray paint or leave it depending on  the colour of your tile choice. Should you decide to spray paint, clean the table of any dust or web that may be on it.

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After getting the table sprayed begin the process of Laying out the tile. Try to make it tight so that you don’t really need to grout. I couldn’t with mine because of the size so I had to use different tile shapes to get it as snug as possible. Luckily I had tile left from our kitchen. Once satisfied with the layout, mark any tile that needs to be cut. Take those and use a wet tile cutter and cut. They cut easily. Once that is done, spread the wall adhesive and lay the tile. Leave sit over night.

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The next day spread the grout. Follow the instructions on the Polyblend or whatever brand you choose. It should be a non-sanded grout if the spaces are thin. Clean off the excess grout with a damp sponge. Once set as indicated on box, use a cheese cloth to clean off any film.

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The chairs I did a year ago now have a little table to go with them. I hope this gives you an idea and decision before you decide to throw out your outside table. Remember if you still don’t want it put it in a garage sale. You never know who’s garbage maybe someone else’s treasure. Click the Outdoor chairs if you want to check the chair refurbishment.


Things you need:

1)Spray paint (optional)


3)1/4″ plywood sheet

4)Vertifix wall adhesive

5)Polyblend grout, sponge, trowel, grout float and cheese cloth if grouting (0ptional)

Total cost if purchasing everything is about 108 dollars or less depending on what you need. This is less than half of what a tiled coffee table would cost you or equal to another glass table. However, if you don’t need to grout the cost comes down even more. I was able to cut my cost to 50 dollars because I used products I already had and plywood that was a leftover from another project.



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