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Chair Redo


To start you’ll need wood glue, screws, table saw, Sander, new dowels, material (fabric), wood stapler and paint.


First thing I did was strip down the chairs. Then I took the back legs off. I got my husband to saw off the middle horizontal bar and had him put three vertical square dowels in for which I measured and sawed to a 5 degree angle. We glued and put screws to secure the dowels in place. I then plugged the sunk-in screw holes on the top and sanded the backs before painting.


I bought brown vinyl and used the old batting that was off the seats because it was already tailored to the original seats. I cut the vinyl to fit that it draped down the sides and front so that it wrapped around the frame and just under to be stapled. I didn’t have to do any tailoring so there was no sewing involved.


Here is the final outcome. The table was also redone. However, I didn’t record the project. All I did was paint the legs and sand the table top before re-finishing it with stain and varnish. To see the bench project go to Making a Bench.


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