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Tolerance in an Intolerant World


When I think of Jesus I think of His parables. The principles He set forth through His analogies but most importantly His teachings: More specifically, be tolerant of others, compassionate to all, love your enemies.

This thought brings me to this question, If I were to offend you, would you vilify me? Just a thought to think about. Sometimes I feel we are losing the privilege of Freedom of Speech. The condemnation from another because of a disagreement that one could not accept as a difference of opinion. Just think for a moment. Have you ever tried to stand up for your rights only to find yourself discriminated because it was considered defiance? These are real issues that occur. Could you relate? Maybe a whistleblower or one who disputed, questioned, or contradicted. Could be most of us I’d think.

I thought a thought, I thought I’d share. Many thoughts to you.

2 thoughts on “Tolerance in an Intolerant World

  1. The advise that most often comes to my mind is ‘treat others as you would want them to treat you’. When viewed from that angle, life takes on a different perspective. If humanity could embrace this one idea and perpetuate it we might avoid self extinction.

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