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Toy Box With Shelf


I found this project on Pinterest and started to make it without a pattern. For that reason, you may have to watch the angles and do the 36 degree first then 37 degree angle and see how tight it joins before cutting the 45 degree angles and lengths down in case you have to adjust the angles slightly. Here are the steps.

Things you need

4 – 1 x 4″ length boards (5 for safe measure)

1 – 1/4″ sheet of plywood

Wood glue

Screws to attach the back and front to the sides

Furniture Paint or chalk paint and finishing top coat


toybox toybox1

Here are the angles. Watch that you flip the 1 x 4 ” halved board when cutting the second side so that it is opposite of the other side.

toybox6toybox2 toybox3

Starting with the front face of the toy box, lay the two 17 1/2″ lengths boards on a flat surface side by side leaving enough space for the three width boards. Then place all three 18 1/2″ boards between. Mark the spaces starting from the bottom 3″ up on the 17 1/2″ board and spacing each board 2″ apart. Glue each board in place, clamp and leave for required amount of time as glue specifies. Do the same for the back.


You will want to frame the inside where the shelf goes and the bottom for the base with a 1 x 1″ board.


For a cheaper and easier version visit: http://turtlesandtails.blogspot.ca/2014/05/child-sized-bookshelf-toybox-combo-diy.html?m=1

I found this after I’d already started the toy box but I sure could have used this pattern.


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