Mother and Daughter Small talk

Mother (listening to daughter’s rap on the car stereo): I don’t get how people could dance to this.

Daughter (driving, quickly glances over to her mother): You just have to shake your booties.

Mother: Shake your booties?

Daughter: Ya, like Beyonce..

Mother (trying to picture herself shaking her booties) pauses then replies: I don’t think so.  It wouldn’t be flattering at my age, like watching a circus act. As a matter of fact, I don’t even think it would be as cute as elephants dancing.

(Daughter laughs).


Chalk as a Stain


I bought chalk paint and the staff advised me on how to use it differently for different projects. This idea of thinning chalk paint is good when doing wall projects. The chalk paint will also go farther. It can be made thinner. The choice is up to you. Hope this idea helps you when considering working with chalk paint.

Tip: When applying chalk paint to furniture it is better using it undiluted unless it is new wood. It coats well on any furniture but has to be top coated after because it scratches easily.