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For those LEGO enthusiast here is an easy DIY LEGO table project. No more kitchen table mess or stepping on small pieces all over the floor. All the LEGO pieces and creations in one place. No more pulling out the container full of LEGOs then putting them away after. Even the creations can stay on or in the LEGO compartments.


Wood needed

2 – 1×6 board

2 – 1×4 board

1 – 2×4 board

1/4” plywood

Wired cable burlap

Smallest screws you can get that won’t go through the plywood.

Glue – both wood and craft glue

Lets get started: Measurements of the box for two 15×15 LEGO mats are 47 1/2” x 16 3/4” the centre is 32” x 16 3/4” using 1×6” board. Place the boards in marked measurements then glue and nail. Clamp and leave until glue is set.

Moving on to the legs. The legs are notched at 12” high the total height of the board is 14” using the 2×4” board. I put a sinked-in screw hole before putting the legs on the LEGO table top.

For the inside frame, using the 1×4” board, should measure 30×15 3/16”. If that is too tight shave off before gluing and nailing the frame together. The sheet of plywood can measure to fit over the frame. Cut another piece for the entire bottom of the box (47 1/2”x16 3/4”).

Once everything is done you can put the legs on.

Glue the wired burlap cable then use the smallest screws you could find and secure the burlap in the centre and at the ends. It should loop on each ends creating a handle. The plywood can now be lifted and LEGO blocks can be stored under the LEGO mat.

Paint the legs and table.

Lots of room for LEGO blocks!

Higher but smaller LEGO table.

Another DIY LEGO table in a smaller version. Hope this is helpful to the LEGO enthusiasts OUT THERE!

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