My Thanks


It is my greatest pleasure to thank you who are from US and the UK for being one of my biggest supports of my blog. I hope you continue to be a big part of what makes my blog a success. Thank you Canadians who have also visited the most in 2014. May this year continue to be read by you and may many more people from other countries visit.

I’d also like to take this time to wish bloggers a successful blogging year and hope to catch more of your posts too. This new type of entertainment is vastly populated with bloggers and many of us strive to bring new thought and entertainment so may we all have a place in someone’s heart.

WordPress bloggers

It is nice finding unique posts in the reader. The shares have been wonderful. It is a pleasure to see pictures shared from different countries. I have enjoyed viewing and reading some or all that is written in your share. I have not gone into every post but I enjoy just the same the bit of information I get before attending my own.

Life here is busy as I am sure you would agree that it takes time to entertain the readers as much as it does to visit each other. Life on WordPress is a river of thoughts and they come in waves of ideas. Many of these are well shared and creatively done by the bloggers. You are what makes a blog a blog. Continue reading