Take it One Day at a Time

I normally don’t do revision in a different post but I decided to do one for this. I titled the revision One Day at a Time under Touring places, Reposts.


The frigid temperature chilled the bone but the frost on the trees were inviting. I saw my breath with every exhale. From the corner of my eye, I saw a white coat of frost on my hair but I kept walking. In daze, my thoughts run deep: the troubles, the work load and that woman. I thought after a year in the field of nursing I would have built a shield of armor but instead I felt more and more sympathetic. During studies they said don’t get emotionally attached to your patients but I never saw this coming. Everyday his wife was in and the look on her face when she lost her husband was haunting: Those eyes, the fear in her face and all I could say to her is, I’m sorry. I couldn’t stop rehearsing it in my head. I felt so sad and I kept wondering if there was more I could have done.

I never lost a patient whom I cared for since entering the field. I don’t know whether I could get over this or deal with another case as devastating. I was now questioning my career. I didn’t want to go back. “I have two more shifts, that’s all. I could do this,” I whispered. Leaving the park, I began walking home.

Where had the time gone. I looked at my watch, 4:30. The sun was setting. Short days made it feel later than it was. I walked up to my door, fingers stiff, I unlocked it and went in. I slipped off my shoes and settled on the sofa. I turned the television on. Scrolled through the stations but nothing on the TV got my attention. I finally turned it off. I strolled into the kitchen and searched the fridge for something to snack on. I didn’t really want to eat but I had to have at least a small bite of something. I put together a bologna sandwich and poured a glass of orange juice. I sauntered back into the living room and sat on the sofa. I put my feet up on the ottoman and sat in silence. I just wanted quiet for now and hoped these feelings of dread and despair would pass.

My last two days of work went by fast. It was now my days off and I felt a slight relief, a weight off my chest. I know this field of work can have its ups and downs. I hoped after my days off I’d get my strength back. I called my friend and planned an evening: dinner, movie and end with a drink at the nightclub. I hadn’t been out since starting my job. It was no wonder that I was a mess, all work and no play makes me a mess of a nurse.

My days off were a blessing in disguise. I felt refreshed and recouped. Getting out really had helped. My friend was so supportive and all we did was laugh and talk about the fun things we had done before I got busy and neglected myself of leisure. I was even ready to get back to work without dread.

Heart to Heart About Change


Let’s have a heart-to-heart about change from the perspective of a person who knows what poor really means. My opinion about changing the world is that it is impossible but to change ones fate is possible. Change starts with one’s self when we begin to change our own fate, whether it’s kindness, employment, taking a chance, opening a business, or whatever that brings you to a better place in your spirit. From there it brings a better chance to your immediate family – those we bring into the world.

                       Therefore, it has been my belief that change starts with self before it can pass to another. For instance, with me it has been by being there and encouraging, talking heart-to-heart, standing behind family, keeping the door open that I have been able to bring change. I could bear the burden and sacrifice if it saves my own member from failure. That is what I believe is making a difference to another means. Because life has thrown me many challenges, that is the extent I’ve been able to accomplish. I could say with confidence that my life has already been better than what my grandparents and my mother’s life was. That is change.

                      To sum it up – that is change – my change when my life improved. Then, I brought change to my family when I made sure they didn’t make the same mistakes as I did and when I stood by them every step they took. That is change to another.



I spread thy wings

early morning arising

to fulfill a longing

desireth for growing

for I was born to live

life to its fullest

in pursuit

for which the heart cravith


It is in the air that flows

a breath that cannot be seen

a flitter of hope

that faith holds

where fate lies

for which the heart cravith

S.L.S Oborowsky

Rewrite from writing prompt created by Kellie Elmore. Original post, titled My Contribution retitled Destiny



Heart to heart like the bridge that connects embraces the soul

Moving forward like the river that flows embraces free spirit

A loving touch like the beauty of frost-coated branches embraces love

A coat of white like an angels wings embraces purity

SLS Oborowsky, 2014

One Year on WordPress


I have been on WordPress for a year now. It has been a joy to be here sharing words with you! Love it much, love it a lot and look forward to writing until I run out of bits. Lol “lots of love” and “lots of laughs” but most of all “laugh out loud”. I sometimes strain my eyes and have to set the reading glasses down, take a break before I manage to find my way back, but I come back. Thank you, my community of friends, for following me and thank you to those who have stopped by.

Holiday Stresses

I tossed and turned. A minute passed 12 and I was still awake. It was the night before Christmas Eve and all I could think about was all that I still had to do with preparing two different suppers and making time for gift opening on Christmas. My heart raced, my mind swirled. It was as if I hadn’t done this before. Every year, the same. I don’t know why I was a basket case this year. Maybe it was  the back-to-back suppers, splitting up the holiday dinners. I knew it would all be fine but try telling that to the mind.

I awoke, 9:35 am. I don’t remember when I fell asleep but I somehow did because it was morning. I rose. The room was quiet. It seemed I was up before everyone except the pets. I started the coffee and went and freshened up. Not a creature did I arose with my nosy start: pots banged, coffee percolated, doors opened and closed. If it were I, I know I would have been awakened! I prepped much of supper when noise of pitter-patter startled me. “Good morning Mom. Need any help?” Said my daughter as she entered.

Before I knew everyone was up and prancing around. With more movement of bodies, the supper prepping started coming together. Before long us girls were sitting around visiting like the males in the man-cave who had been relaxing.