The Stork Delivers

Ivcover (1000) (722x401)

A story was created and the birth of Ivy came to life in a form of a book. As the book nestled in its nest, it awaited delivery to a home far away by a busy stork: protective and caring.

Many readers, awaiting the book, will soon get to indulge in the life of Ivy, to know the walk of a Metis girl: The trying times along with the good times, when the stork delivers it.


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RE: This is my new blog. I made an error on my old “Author’s Thought blog” and don’t know how to fix it. Although we are attached at the hip, I will not be posting on it. Learningflying means making mistakes and I’m certainly learning wordpress the hard way. Because of it, my old blog site is now flying alone as it has gone solo.  I do apologize for abandoning you there but I still have you and I’m still flying with wordpress so please do join me here.

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Writing From The Heart

When I created the story of Ivy: The Stem of a Rose the biggest critics were people close to me; one suggesting that it was not good to start with this book. However, the more I thought about it the more I realized that I had started in the right direction. We may have come a long way as people with regard to tolerance and differences but it proves just how important it is to do this if just one person could think or say it. It also shows there is a stigma that is affecting the way people think and is influencing them. Writing from a perspective of a Metis should not matter. They say follow the heart and this is where my heart took me. It chose me as hard as that might be to believe. Furthermore, the more I fought it the harder it was for me to work on something else until I gave in and this was the outcome.

It can be called a calling, fate, or God’s will but whatever it is I did it by gut instinct. Anything that I succeeded in, I always felt good about and I still feel good about this, even when I receive discouraging comments. Thankfully, I also receive positive encouragement some of whom are educators and they love the story. Not to say that the ones who worried about the story thought it was bad but it is the insinuation of the story that proves existence of stigma. There are many types of stories out there that are about life situations and an aboriginal or Metis story should be just as desired as any other read. I want an awareness. I want to believe that we are beyond race and have readers truly interested in understanding someone elses type of walk. I don’t want us to go back to what I grew up experiencing (People not wanting to live by you because of your race). A sense of being limited in opportunity not just because one can’t afford it but because of stigma. Searching to fit in but never really feeling that true belonging. Crying in secret and pretending that it doesn’t hurt.

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Ivy: The Stem of a Rose and Ivy: The Blossoming of a Rose

These are my first and second books I ever published. The story tells about a Metis family living off a settlement and the tough challenges that face Ivy growing up with a single mother and two sisters. The story is in the era of the 70′s. With the first book, she is 9. She and her sisters find a pond and begin to swim in it until Ivy’s sisters become ill and one thing leads to another. The second book of Ivy is about her at 17 but fills in some crucial gaps from the first book. I hope you enjoy the story as much as I enjoyed creating it. Ivcover (1000) (722x401)

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