Take it One Day at a Time

I normally don’t do revision in a different post but I decided to do one for this. I titled the revision One Day at a Time under Touring places, Reposts.


The frigid temperature chilled the bone but the frost on the trees were inviting. I saw my breath with every exhale. From the corner of my eye, I saw a white coat of frost on my hair but I kept walking. In daze, my thoughts run deep: the troubles, the work load and that woman. I thought after a year in the field of nursing I would have built a shield of armor but instead I felt more and more sympathetic. During studies they said don’t get emotionally attached to your patients but I never saw this coming. Everyday his wife was in and the look on her face when she lost her husband was haunting: Those eyes, the fear in her face and all I could say to her is, I’m sorry. I couldn’t stop rehearsing it in my head. I felt so sad and I kept wondering if there was more I could have done.

I never lost a patient whom I cared for since entering the field. I don’t know whether I could get over this or deal with another case as devastating. I was now questioning my career. I didn’t want to go back. “I have two more shifts, that’s all. I could do this,” I whispered. Leaving the park, I began walking home.

Where had the time gone. I looked at my watch, 4:30. The sun was setting. Short days made it feel later than it was. I walked up to my door, fingers stiff, I unlocked it and went in. I slipped off my shoes and settled on the sofa. I turned the television on. Scrolled through the stations but nothing on the TV got my attention. I finally turned it off. I strolled into the kitchen and searched the fridge for something to snack on. I didn’t really want to eat but I had to have at least a small bite of something. I put together a bologna sandwich and poured a glass of orange juice. I sauntered back into the living room and sat on the sofa. I put my feet up on the ottoman and sat in silence. I just wanted quiet for now and hoped these feelings of dread and despair would pass.

My last two days of work went by fast. It was now my days off and I felt a slight relief, a weight off my chest. I know this field of work can have its ups and downs. I hoped after my days off I’d get my strength back. I called my friend and planned an evening: dinner, movie and end with a drink at the nightclub. I hadn’t been out since starting my job. It was no wonder that I was a mess, all work and no play makes me a mess of a nurse.

My days off were a blessing in disguise. I felt refreshed and recouped. Getting out really had helped. My friend was so supportive and all we did was laugh and talk about the fun things we had done before I got busy and neglected myself of leisure. I was even ready to get back to work without dread.


My Contribution

Writing prompts created by Kellie Elmore at http://kellieelmore.com/category/free-write-friday/. Should you wish to join, click on the link. More info to the prompt can also be found there. This is from Apple’s latest ad. To see it go to Kellie’s blog and click on the ad there.

The following is the speech for (Free Write/Writing Friday) FWF prompt.” What will your verse be?”

“We don’t read and write poetry because it’s cute. We read and write poetry because we are members of the human race. And the human race is filled with passion. And medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beautyfwf kellie elmore badge, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for. To quote from Whitman, “O me! O life!… of the questions of these recurring; of the endless trains of the faithless… of cities filled with the foolish; what good amid these, O me, O life?” Answer. That you are here – that life exists, and identity; that the powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse. That the powerful play *goes on* and you may contribute a verse. What will your verse be?” — John Keating (Robin Williams) Dead Poets Society


 My Contributed Verse

I spread thy wings

early morning arising

to fulfill a longing

desireth for growing

for I was born to live

life to its fullest

in pursuit

for which the heart cravith

S.L.S Oborowsky – All rights reserved, 2014

Colour in the Snow

boosted1 (2)

CompassThe sun sets southwest in winter but earth slowly rotates a degree or two after winter solstice. With what little time we may have spent with sunshine can be a drag. Snow added to the equation has made everything look dull and dirty but look passed the black and white of winter there is the blue sky. It bringsboosted 6 (2) a ting of colour and the evergreen trees still vibrant with its coat of needles. The odd tree has its berries just as lovely as it was when the leaves changed to a golden-yellow and when the frost coats the tree, it brings what little colour that could be seen out. So while we wait for the spring bloom, find that colour in the snow. It may surprise you just how lovely winter can be and when winter solstice occurs, rest assured daylight time is sure to increase.

S.L.S Oborowsky

Blood Moon

Writing prompts created by Kellie Elmore at http://kellieelmore.com/category/free-write-friday/ for Free Writing Friday (FWF)

This week’s writing prompt is Blood Moon by Mark for Kellie. Thank you Mark for the great prompt. Hope you enjoy! I’d like to wish Kellie my deepest thought and a big thank you for the prompts. I would have loved to have been a part of the card or short book of poems and such but I had not been on the net much to participate in last weeks prompt. Glad things are improving for Khole,

October 30, 2013 the blood moon shines it’s bloody temptation as bright as the harvest moon in the early morning of autumn. The wolves thirst for blood while hunters thirst for game.

It is a cool, calm morning. Gerry and Darwin are in their orange caps and camouflage suits. The wives warn not to go. It is said it is the year of the attack of hunter against the hunter but Gerry and Darwin ignore them. They get into their big, 4-wheel GMC truck and head out into the early morning dew. When arriving into the old, narrow road leading into the deep of the woods, Darwin parks the truck as far as he could drive into it. They pull their guns out and head down the trails.

“I’ll go down this trail.” Gerry points.

“Okay. Good luck and shoot to kill my friend.”

“First one to get the game shoots two more to direct the other. May the best man win.” Gerry waves as he disappears into the woods.

“See you in ten minutes.” Darwin replies as he walks another direction, v-ing off into the woods.

Ten minutes and a bang is heard. Darwin turns but no other shot is heard. He stands waiting for another five minutes. He decides to ignore the shot and walks on, searching for his prey. Another shot is heard and Darwin begins tracking the sounds. He hears crunching of leaves behind him. He turns and calls, “Gerry?” an echo repeats but it falls silent. He begins to walk again and the sound of someone following begins again. Darwin stops again. Looks around but there is silence. He starts to walk faster toward the area he heard the shot and the crushing sound of leaves begin again. “Gerry?” still no reply. No other gunshot again. Darin turns to look back but he sees no one. “Gerry?” still no reply. Darwin decides to turn toward the sound of the crushing leaves. “Gerry, okay stop.” Darwin keeps walking but the sound of someone following sounds like it’s behind him again. Darwin begins to feel confused. He turns and walks back the other way where he thought the gunshot came from. A half hour gone by and he hasn’t found Gerry. He hears crushing sounds and sees a shadow in deep. Waiting for it to pop up in front of him, he stands breathing shallow, gun up and aiming into the woods. “Boo!” Out pops Gerry.

“You…” Darwin curses. “What the heck? I could have shot you!” Gerry laughs hysterically. “I got the big one.” Darwin follows. They load it. A wolf stands watching them get into the truck and drive off. Blood dripping from his mouth.

“Why didn’t you answer or fire three shots?”

“I hit it but it started to run and had to chase it. That’s the second shot that killed it.”

Shower of Sadness – Rewrite

Image courtesy of KellyJackson Wedding

It is an occasion, her occasion, but my heart aches as I watch her walk gracefully. I should be cheering and celebrating with her but I can’t. I fake a smile as she walks by.

Savannah Jacobson, an elegant woman of grace, had been my friend since childhood.  We always said we’d merry on the same day and have children who’d play together. However, I haven’t found Mr. Right and she is already having her first child.

I could hear laughter fading as my thought deepens. I feel like I’m losing a friend. She has stepped into a place I feel I don’t fit in. A gathering of mothers and children have displaced me. All I see are the movement of lips, kids running around mommies and expressions of laughter. I begin to feel an urge to run away when a tap on my shoulder jolts me back to the now.

“Oh! Savannah.”

“Hi, sorry. I’m not ignoring you.” she says softly.

“It’s fine. I know you’re busy with everything. You look radiant by the way and you have a beautiful glow. Just as they say. Is the gift I got you okay?”

“I love it. Thank you. Is everything okay Rebecca?”


“I’ve known you all my life. Please.”

“Yes, everything is fine.” I deny. I give her a big smile.

I know she doesn’t believe me but she leaves it at that.

Her sister interrupts and just in time, “Everyone, QUIET.”

She has our attention and I feel like sneaking way again. Savannah taps my leg. “You have to join in.”

“We are going to play a little game.”

“I really would like to just watch if you don’t mind Savannah. I’m not much of a game player. You know that.” leaning toward her ear, I whisper.

“It’ll be fun.” she whispers back.

“If everyone would please come up to the craft table.”

Savannah grabs my hand and pulls me. I follow with dread.

“The object of the game is to create a mask and the best mask wins by popular vote. There are feathers, beads, sparkles, glue and masquerade masks. Please go ahead and start as soon as I say go and I will begin the timer. As soon as the buzzer goes off, stop whatever you are doing. May the best mask win. Everyone ready, GO!.”

I dive right in and divulge myself into the craft. I begin to release all the negative as the time ticks. A half-hour later, the buzzer goes off. I have a masterpiece. I am quite impressed. Savannah looks over and smiles. I give her a real smile. I feel so silly for thinking so awful.

“It wasn’t so bad was it.” she whispers.

“No, thank you.”

“Our friendship doesn’t change, Rebecca.”

“How’d you know?”

“I know you. I know you feel out of place. You don’t have to.”

I give her a big hug as I wipe away my tear.

S.L.S Oborowsky
Prompt by Kellie Elmore for Free Writing Friday. Revised. Original post – Shower of Sadness

Fall – Rewrite



It’s beautiful out with the sun shining. The sunflower that had cheered up the garden with its amber colors has now turned brown. Golden yellow, red and orange of fall that were everywhere has now Fallen. The foliage has covered the grass. The air is nippy. I don’t want to step into the breeze of fall.

I prepare a warm cup of Cocoa and slip on a sweater. I go to the tool shed and get the rake. I slowly make my way to the apple tree as I sip my hot chocolate. There are decayed apples everywhere mixed with dead leaves. Putting my hot chocolate down, I begin raking. The aroma of the apples carry with the breeze. It smells like the applesauce I had just finished canning.

This whole month had been busy with fall chores. The last of the apples turned into applesauce were in a large wicker basket on my counter top until yesterday. I had started with the canning and freezing early September. I’m relieved that I’m at the final stage of fall chores. I get to enjoy this time before snow falls and hibernating through winter. Although I enjoy the fall with the beautiful colors, the crushing sound of the leaves when they have fallen and have a reason to make hot drinks, I don’t look forward to where we are heading. Fall breeze, cool to the bone, feels like snow is near. The dried leaves covering my lawn have to be raked before they get buried by snow. The dreadful part of fall that leads to winter blues.

S.L.S Oborowsky

Rewrite of Fall prompt by Kellie Elmore. Original post – Fall

The Ivy Covered Gate – Rewrite


When darkness fell, bats swarmed around the gate. They protected the death that lied beyond. A well-worn path led to the depleted dwelling. Rumor had it a wizened women roamed it now and then. “No trespassing” sign allured the children to the path but no one dared to enter through the ivy covered gate. The branches undressed and bare of leaves had been cast into darkness.

Shadows of mysterious shapes loomed at dawn and when night fell and the bats came out, the children were nowhere to be found lingering around the gate.

The only child who had ever entered was said to have never been seen from again.

Did it really have a fatal consequence if entered? No one really knew. It was all based on speculation so Trezar dared Alfred…

S.L.S Oborowsky

Prompt by Kellie Elmore for Free Writing Friday, revised. Original post – The Ivy Covered Gate